UVSS - Under Vehicle Surveillance System UVSS

In current security scenario vehicle inspection is very critical and cannot be ignored. Underside is the only area of a vehicle which can never be locked / secured. Potentially damaging objects can be easily hidden even without knowledge of vehicle�s driver / owner. Also Underside is the most difficult to inspect. Intrusive & Interruptive methods are time consuming. That�s why we have the Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) to make your lives easy.
The UVSS provides high resolution stitched image of the underside of the vehicles
It scans vehicles of all categories and sizes
Scans any moving vehicle (up to a speed of 30 Kmph) and produces a high quality image of its underside, in real-time
Provides a high resolution stitched image of the underside of the vehicles
Facilitates intelligent and quick comparison of the current underside image with archived one of the same vehicle.
The 3 Auxiliary cameras provide for additional view of �Hard-to-See� areas, in video motion.
State � of � the �Art software for User-friendly interaction with the system.
The UVSS can be networked to centralized monitoring and database management system.
Automated classification and alert facility.
The UVSS can be seamlessly integrated with other security equipment like boom barriers, tyre killers, access control systems etc.
Efficient viewing and monitoring is possible.
The under vehicle scanner ensures quick detection of foreign items e.g. explosives, bomb etc.
One under vehicle surveillance system fits all.
Facilitates peak hour inspection without stopping any vehicle.
Very high output saves time while maintaining high standards.
The UVSS is a crucial time saver
Detection of any unusual modification shall enhance chances of detecting any disguised object.
A convenient security aid for crucial and large events such as exhibitions.
Crucial aid in post event analysis.
Provides One � stop solution for all security needs
Easier to navigate, ensure better usage of the system

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